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Guy Bartlett - The Aeroplane Man

Guy on the flight deck of Concorde G-BBDG

Virtual Talks - NEW!

What is a Virtual Talk?

Since the lockdown introduced to reduce the spread of COVID-19 many of my face-to-face presentations have been postponed. A number of groups were still keen to have a presentation and so I now offer virtual talks too. A virtual talk offers the same high quality presentation but is viewed on a computer or smart phone rather than in a hall or similar meeting place. These are 100% safe as participants don't need to mingle with others. They are cheaper too!


How Does It Work?

A virtual talk takes place using the Zoom internet-based platform. Zoom is free of charge to download and easy to set up. Once a talk is agreed I send the event organiser a unique invitation via email. They then forward that to all who wish to participate. The invitation contains a web link which takes you to the log in screen of Zoom. Just enter the meeting ID and password (which are on the invite) and you're ready to go. If you can view a web page on the internet you can use Zoom! 


How Long Do The Talks Last?

Zoom talks last for 60 minutes. They cannot be shortened as they contain no "filler" content. There is always time for Q&A to finish.


What's The Cost?

As there is no travelling involved all my virtual talks are the same price.
The cost for a 60 minute presentation, with Q&A if required, is £75.
Please be aware that this also includes electronic lecture notes that can
be distributed by the event organiser before the session begins.



Please read the T&Cs found by following the link below in relation to my Virtual Talks. It is assumed these have been read and agreed before booking a virtual talk with myself.



Review of Concorde Virtual Talk for
Chatham Naval Officers Association (CNOA)

"Guy provided an exceptional virtual talk for our group. It was well received by all and his use of video footage, commentary and attention to detail made it
the best virtual talk we have had to date

Lieutenant Commander Jon Vanns MCGI FinstLM RNR