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Charismatic Aviation Talks and Presentations

The Space Race - Who Really Won?


Many people agree that the space race ended in 1969, when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon for the first time. However, the story did not end there. This presentation looks at the achievements of both the Soviet Union and America and answers the question, Who Won The Space Race? It also looks at the new space race, one which is only just beginning. New for 2019


How The 747 Got Its Hump


The Boeing 747 is perhaps one of the most recognisable aircraft in service today. This presentation looks at the success of this versatile aircraft. Did you know 747’s transported the Space Shuttle? 
Would you like to find out what’s unique features are built into Airforce One, the presidential aircraft of the United States? Then this is the talk for you! 
 New for 2019

History Makers - Pioneers From Kent


Kent has been home to a number of genuine pioneers who broke the mould and, for better or worse, wrote themselves into the history books. For them, fame was hard earned and a result of years of toil. This presentation takes a look at a handful of the perhaps lesser-known Kentish folk who have a unique place in history.  Doesn't include Dickens or Jagger! Due to go live in 2020

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